Thursday, October 1, 2009

Compisition Assignment 2

In Compisition Assignment 2, the task was to explore 5 more aspects of photography.

All photos were taken at Saline High School.

I learned a lot about these 5 aspects.

Framing skills helped me give an internal frame in the picture. This frame gave it a sense of organization in the photo.

Using Perspective helped get a new angle on things we see everyday. In my picture I used the side of a building.

Space helped me by getting a good picture without many things in the picture.

Balance helped me balance out the picture. Making sure that the whole picture has something in it. Unless that was the objective.

Color can make or brake a picture. A good use of color can accentuate the picture and make it that much better. Color can establish different moods in a picture. Reds and Yellows can give it an energetic feel. Darker colors and send a different message.

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