Monday, September 28, 2009

Compisition Assignment 1

The assignment was to take pictures that highlight 6 aspects of photography.
1.Rule of Thirds
5.Depth of Field

Photos were taken at home and school. Many were taken but only 6 were used in the assignment.

In this assignment I learned about these 6 aspects in-depth, and it will help me later as a photographer.

The Rule of Thirds helped me have more sophisticated photography.

Pattern helped me use everyday patterns in my photos.

I used Symmetry in help with better alignment in my photos.

Learning about Texture helped me in accentuating certain textures and dulling others to help create a better picture.

Depth of Field is one of my favorite to use. Having parts of a picture in focus and others not to help draw the eye to something that makes a good picture.

Learning about lines helped me in using lines in my photography different and interesting ways.